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RRU Vision & Mission

Philosophy: RRU is an institute of higher education that offers educational opportunity and research for local development.

Vision: RRU aims to be the East’s leading university with achievement and standard in 2016.

Organizational value: RRU leads the principle of Sufficiency Economy as the main principle for university administration.

Motto of graduates: Public-mindedness, Yearning for learning, and Endurances for work.

Identity: RRU is an institute of higher education for local and community development in reference to His Majesty the King’s Development Projects (royal projects).


1.  Generate graduates with moral, appreciation for fellow Thai nationals, as well as an insight into local wisdom.
2. Uplift the potential teachers and educational personnel as to create high moral standards and proficiency in specific fields of study.
3. Study, conduct research, and enhance a local management system and also inherit royal projects in order to cooperate and collaborate with community, local administrative organizations, domestic organizations and international organizations.
4. Cherish, carry on democracy, morality, and social ethics as well as preserving    the arts, culture, and local wisdom.
5. Organize administrative system according as good governance with standardization and self-sufficiency.



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