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Preparation for ASEAN Community Project

3rd and 12th March, 2014

The Office of Academic Promotions and Registrations, International Relations Office, and Faculty of Industrial Technology organized “Preparation for ASEAN Community Project”. On 3rd March 2014. Dr. Somkiat Onwimon was invited to be a keynote speaker and on 12th March 2014, Mr. Paisan Wimonrat (Vice Governor) Pol. Lt. Dr. Nitiphum Nawarat, Mr. Chairat Sothornoppabutra and Dr. Nipon Parinyavuttichai (Moderator) gave their speech in a forum.

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ASEAN Exhibition

1st – 3rd November 2013

International Relations Office organized ASEAN Exhibition during 1st – 3rd November 2013 providing ASEAN basic information and RRU university’s ASEAN activities to students and general people at Bunbandan 3,    3rd floor, Rajanagarindra Building, Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University.

Hosting Liuzhou Teacher College Administrators from, China

26th December 2013

          Liuzhou Teacher College administrators, China visited RRU President and administrators to discuss the extension of academic cooperation between two universities in order to achieve mutual effectiveness and benefit at Mahachanok Conference room, 5th floor, President Building

Hosting Qujing Normal University Administrators, China

21st – 22nd January 2014

Qujing Normal University administrators, China visited RRU President and administrators to consult about future cooperation, reported news of RRU exchange students who has been studying Chinese language at Qujing Normal University to RRU administrators, and greeted Chinese exchange students from Qujing Normal University at Mahachanok Conference room,  5th floor, President Building.


Foreign Teachers

1. Mr. Richard Green, British
2. Mr. Virgilio Marc McIntyre, British
3. Mr. Robert Loren, American
4. Mr. Keith Michael Purcell, Irish
5. Ms. Sarah Monica McNamara, Irish
6. Mrs. Miki Morikawa Kanthong, Japanese
7. Ms. Wang, Yu-Wen, Taiwanese
8. Mr. Felix S. Batican Jr., Filipino
9. Mr. She Xiaoxin, Chinese
10. Ms. Jiaoyue Zhao, Chinese
11. Mr. Yifang Zhong, Chinese
12. Ms. Cheng Xiaoxue, Chinese

MOU Signing Ceremony between Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University and Taiwan Shoufu University

On 20 November 2013, Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University arranged the MOU Signing Ceremony with Taiwan Shoufu University, Taiwan in order to create an academic corporation in education filed.


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Aichi University of Education visited RRU

On 21-22 August 2014, President and administrators from Aichi University of Education, Japan visited the President of Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University and RRU board of administrators in order to discuss the extension of corporation in other fields, and observed trainees from Aichi University of Education, who are interns as Japanese teachers at RRU, teaching Japanese Language in Japanese Language classrooms.